Let Us Like What We Can Get

Like What We Can Get

I love this Spanish proverb! It is a good one to keep in mind when we find ourselves complaining about life. I may even print out this picture and stick it on my wall, just as a reminder. 

At this time of the year, in the UK, at least, many people (myself included) are complaining about the cold, wet weather and wishing that the spring would just hurry up. (By the way, those same people will probably be the ones who are grumbling in July that they are overheating and feeling exhausted and uncomfortable because it is “too hot!”) 

Well, I have been thinking that maybe we should all stop grumbling and hiding under our hats and brollies and instead take the time to really look around us. Have you noticed that February shows us so much to be thankful for? On our daily doggy walk this afternoon, we have seen crocuses flowering, many different trees budding and even the daffodils are beginning to show themselves. There are so many signs of hope and new beginnings.

Also, the more you complain about anything, the worse you feel. You end up seeing everything through a cloud of disappointment and misery, focusing on what is missing from your life rather than finding happiness in everything you do have. It isn’t going to change the situation, so what is the point in making yourself feel bad about it?

Have you ever noticed that the more miserable you feel, the more you find around you to make you feel miserable? It goes on and on until you feel that everything is going wrong. So, why not change your mindset and spend every day looking for joy? I bet that when you open yourself up to happiness and start looking at all the things that are going right, your life will get so much easier. Try it! We find whatever we are most focused on.

So, I am going to make the effort to try and find some joy and beauty in every day. I promise to be grateful for everything and everyone around me and stop complaining and wishing my life away. Who’s with me? 


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