Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective in reducing many types of pain and it has helped me take control of my own Fibromyalgia symptoms.Of course, before you see a hypnotherapist, you must have consulted a doctor to find out the cause of your pain. It is also worth remembering that hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy designed to work alongside traditional treatments, not replace them.

There are two types of pain, acute and chronic. Acute pain is a short-term pain, often caused by an injury or short-term illness which gets better quite quickly. Chronic pain lasts for much longer and is usually caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer or an injury that has caused permanent damage to some part of the body. Most people seeking help from a hypnotherapist are suffering from some kind of chronic pain condition.

As a hypnotherapist, I would never want to shut off those pain signals completely, as this can lead to overdoing things and create more pain later on. Also, pain is usually there for a reason and is a useful warning that something is going on within the body that needs some attention. However, learning to control pain signals, especially in long-term health conditions, can make life much easier for sufferers.

As a relaxation method, or “induction” into hypnosis, I often use a progressive relaxation method, starting at one end of the body and gradually focusing on all the muscles and relaxing and letting go of any tension. When working with clients who are in pain, I often find that they are very tense and this can actually add to the pain they are experiencing. A useful exercise is to tense each muscle first and then relax it, so that the client learns to feel the difference between that tension and relaxation.

When the client is relaxed and focused and in what some people would consider a “hypnotic state”, I will then encourage them to visit a control room in their mind where they will learn to turn down the pain dials to the particular part of their body that is bothering them. This is something that they can learn to do themselves over time, so that they can turn their pain dials down anytime that the pain is getting too much.

If you or someone you know is suffering with a long term pain condition and would like to speak to me about how I could help, please contact me for a free half-hour consultation. I am based in Honiton, but I am a  mobile therapist in the East Devon area, so I can come and visit you at home. If you live outside of the area it is still worth getting in touch as I could make you a CD or mp3 recording that you can listen to which will help you with pain control.

Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


2 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

  1. I also have seen great changes in you Laura, compared to a year ago, the things you’ve achieved with your health,weigh, and wellbeing, you are looking amazing, and I know it’s all down to hypnotherapy and self belief, you are truly amazing and you’ve helped me lose all my excess weight, thank you Laura.


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